Student Points Programme

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We are pleased to invite you to join our complementary Student Points Programme. The benefits students receive are as follows:

1. Student Points Programme is based on points accumulated from students' courses:


After registering for a premium course, you will have




After registering for a basic course, you will have



You will receive gifts and benefits as follows:


Free movie ticket from Megastar Danang


Free water bottle




Free backpack



Shopping voucher at Big C Danang


Terms and Conditions:

- After one course, students can use choose to use their points immediately or accumulate more points for higher level benefits.

- Students can only accumulate points when course is paid in full. Students who pay on a monthly basis are not allowed to join this program.

- Students’ accumulated points will be reduced by 50% if they join the class more than three lessons after the class has begun.

- Discount coupons can only be used once and can be transferred to students' relatives.

- With the exception of basic packages, students may apply their VIP cards to all premium courses in iCan within two years of taking the course. They may not transfer their cards to friends or relatives.

- Discount coupons and VIP cards must be used at the same time with the other promotion programs in iCan.

- Students are to accumulate points continuously. In case of more than a 6 month absence, students must start accumulating again from the beginning.

- Students’ points cannot be transferred to other students.

- If a student should cancel a course after tuition fee has been paid, iCan will only refund part of the fee after deducting the gifts and benefits students already exchanged their points for.

- Students who receive scholarships or special offers from iCan will not be eligible to join the Student Points Programme.

2. Students receive more points if they introduce a friend to iCan

- Students earn 15 points if they introduce a friend to sign up for a 3-month premium class

- Students earn 10 points if they introduce a friend to sign up for a 3-month basic class



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