eTeSL Portal

What is eTeSL?

eTeSL is the only web-based portal in the world that connects your specific English language learning needs to the best English language learning resources on the internet.

How do you get on eTeSL?

If you are a student at iCan, you will be given a free account. A username and a password will be emailed to you. Go to the web address given and log in. If you are not a student at iCan, you can click here and we can give you details on how to apply for a membership.

Cost of eTeSL Membership for non-students:

VND 195,000 per year.

Bonus for UCSI Students

iCan students who finish a course with us and who no longer study with us will continue to have access to iCan’s eTeSL website for ONE month after the last day of their course. After ONE month, they can continue to have the membership if they sign up for another course, or if they apply to renew their membership.

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