English Corner

English Corner offers you opportunities to apply what you have learned in a friendly, natural and, embarrassment - free environment. Imagine how much your language skill would flourish in a safe and encouraging atmosphere.

English Corner

1. Practice with and learn from native speakers:

One of the greatest advantages of joining English Corner is the opportunity to learn the common phrases, idioms and expressions that native people use. Drop the Vietnamese interpretation of English NOW and start making English your OWN language!

2. Improve pronunciation & enhance listening comprehension:

If you spend 90 minutes a day at English Corner, your brain will be forced to speak and understand English 7.5 hours a week, 30 hours a month and 360 hours a year (the equivalent of spending one month in an English speaking country)! This is an intensive exercise for your temporal lobe — the part of the brain which controls auditory and visual memories, language, hearing and speech!

3. Self-educate — self-liberate!

Talking to people from many places around the world is a great opportunity to exchange cultural experiences. This is a great way to enrich your cultural knowledge, collect new questions, discover new journeys, and open doors you never thought existed!

4. Make the most of the learning facilities:

English Corner at iCan has a considerable collection of English books, magazines, international news from around the world and other learning materials to serve your thirst for knowledge, and to keep your mind continuously stimulated and updated.

5. Friendship and networking:

Come and have fun playing games with native speakers and other students. English Corner is a great place to journey together as friends. Make your learning experience as much a reality as a community and life itself. After all, the purpose of language learning is to bring people closer to each other!

6. Get to know iCan even more intimately and personally!

English Corner is also a place for you to receive updates on new classes, new offers, scholarships, and important activities such as Movie Nights, Soft-skills Seminars and other FREE activities.

Important Information:

  • Outside students: 50,000 VND/ ticket
  • Premium students of iCan: Completely free
  • Basic students of iCan: one free ticket/week
  • Schedule: From 4pm-7pm, Monday-Friday.

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