English for Executives and Senior Staff

The three programmes – Speaking, Reading and Writing – are integrated to equip senior executives with an integrated approach to master the essential skills to function effectively in English with international partners, staff and clients.

1. Speaking Programme

At the end of the programme, executives will be able to:

Correctly pronounce key business vocabulary and phrases

Master all the consonants and vowels of the English language

Speak with correct rhythm and stress

Speak with correct intonation

Deliver good presentations using Microsoft Powerpoint

Deliver public talks, reports and welcome speeches well

Know appropriate topics and speech for entertaining Western guests socially

Be able to successfully handle interviews and discussions – face-to-face or via Skype

2. Reading Programme

At the end of the programme, executives will be able to:

Read and understand different kinds of writing of general or business interest – articles, newspaper reports , business reports, brochures, television news/stock ticker tape, minutes of meetings

Identify the main topic and sub-topics of an article

Guess the meaning of words from the context of the text

Skim for overview of content

Scan for specific information

Outline an article

3. Writing Programme

At the end of the programme, executives will be able to:

Write with correct and appropriate grammar and sentence structure

Correspond appropriately via email and mail in both formal and informal situations

Write memos, proposals, reports and summaries

Produce content and outlines suitable for a Microsoft Powerpoint presentation

**Programme Details

Total number of hours: 160 hours

Regularity: Monday to Saturday, 1½ hours per lesson. Lesson schedules will be adjusted according to the availability and work schedules of executives.

Delivery method: One-to-one or small group teaching, training and coaching


IELTS 5.0, TOEIC 600 or equivalent. If executives do not have an IELTS proficiency grade, he/she must sit for a test designed according to IELTS or TOEIC framework and conducted by iCan. The cost of the test is USD 75 per candidate.

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