English Corner Buzz - Dec 18th, 2012

English Corner Buzz is a recurring event that involves much interaction between foreigners and students from Da Nang. With many engaging activities, the program aims to provide opportunities for Vietnamese students to meet, chat with, and exchange cultures with foreigners. This not only helps the students improve their communicative English and soft skills, but also gives them the opportunity to expand on their relationships both with foreigners and other Vietnamese students.

Providing cultural exchange and interaction among people from different countries seems to be a simple idea, but it is both practical and useful. English Corner Buzz has been carried out two times so far and has left a very good impression on the participants.

With interaction between Vietnamese and foreigners both in pairs and in large groups, over both easy and challenging games, the teachers from iCan have done a great job in creating a fun atmosphere that has brought new perspectives and lessons from Western cultures.

iCan’s 3rd English Corner Buzz was a very colorful and significant event, as it was related to Christmas this year. Over a warm and friendly evening, 70 participants were able to bond over a variety of engaging games and activities.

One of the students said, "I really like this program, it's very interesting. The part I like the most is talking to the foreigners that join us. It not only helps me to improve my English, but also to help me make friends, both with Vietnamese students and foreigners. I hope iCan will continue to organize more of these attractive programs for students, giving us more opportunities to learn and grow!”

Another student shared, "It’s been so much fun, I can play games with and talk to foreigners. It is such an amazing program, as it is both absolutely free and so meaningful! When iCan organizes English Corner Buzz again, I will definitely continue to participate and I have even invited many of my friends to come as well.”

The highlight of this event was that there were more than 17 friends participating from different parts of the world, along with more than 50 students from Da Nang, including students at iCan. The program included games and warm Christmas songs. One engaging game in particular was "THE CREATION OF CHRISTMAS" where groups were provided with old newspaper, scissors, and glue. Each group was to build an object related to Christmas, such as angels, Christmas trees, candy canes, Santa Claus, etc.

Many learners of English find it both meaningful and attractive to improve their English skills and their soft skills. This is the main reason why iCan strives to create practical programs, such as English Corner Buzz.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic participation; this really encourages iCan to continue to reach the learning needs of Vietnamese students!