TOEFL Preparation Course

The TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) Preparation Course is to train candidates intending to sit for the TOEFL Test, to prepare to go overseas for studies or working countries where the native language is English. This course will refine student’s competencies in the 4 key language skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing – and structured on the framework of the TOEFL Test.

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1. Course Features

Competency-based– We focus on developing specific competencies in 4 key language skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing – within the framework of the TOEFL Test.

Integrated– Grammar and Vocabulary are integrated into the learning of the 4 key language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Current – Listening, reading, speaking and writing activities will be based on contemporary issues and current affairs taken from the media, the internet and our own TOEFL texts.

Critical – Students will learn critical analysis skills as they discuss the contemporary issues and current affairs.

Practical – Students will practice key TOEFL skill-sets used in the TOEFL Test.

Test-focused – Students will be trained in the TOEFL format to sharpen their test-taking skills.

Concentrated – Students are exposed to extended interaction with native speaker teachers in class and at English Corner. These teachers closely supervise students’ learning to help them use English correctly, especially with pronunciation.

Self-directed – Our special website eTeSL, UCSI’s web-based window to the world’s best English language learning and practice resources, is available to all UCSI students to use for further self-study.


2. At the end of this course, students will be able to

Be competent in the 4 key language skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing within the frame work of the TOEFL Test

Fully understand the TOEFL Test format

Fluently interact in spoken English on a wide range of contemporary topics

Competently produce a variety of writing for academic and business purposes

Develop analytical skills to study and describe graphs and statistics

Understand and apply practical tips to perform well in the TOEFL Test

Learn how to use English for life and work such as writing email and letters, conversing for social and business interactions, handling interviews etc.

3. Course Information

  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday
  • Entry Requirements: IELTS 5.0 or its equivalent
  • 54 hours over 3 months

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