Spoken English Competency

The Spoken English Competency Programme focuses on 2 key skills – Listening and Speaking. Learners will be trained to think and respond in English with little hesitation. The instructional approach will help students be confident when speaking with native English speakers, and stand out in an international environment where English is spoken.

Conversational English

1. Programme Features

Real-life vocabulary and grammar that native speakers use.

Conversational practice to sharpen natural pronunciation, vocabulary, grammar and idiom.

ide-ranging topics for conversation and presentation.

Wide-ranging speaking environments – conversations, speeches, presentations, problem-solving exercises, debates, interviews etc.

Different conversational styles for different relational contexts.

Close teacher supervision for focused and intensive drills and correction .

English Corner– for more conversational practice outside of classroom time, in a friendly, natural and embarrassment-free environment.

ETeSL – our web-based window to the world’s best English language learning and practice resources, for further self-study.

2. Graduates will be able to

Master real-life vocabulary and grammar used by speakers in daily life and work.

Master all the English consonants and vowels.

Speak with correct stress and rhythm.

Speak with correct intonation.

Develop ability to think in English, and respond fluently and with little hesitation.

Develop effective speaking abilities to use for life-skills such as handling interviews, making presentations and speeches, communicating cross-culturally.

3. Programme Information

  • Schedule: Monday/Wednesday/ Friday or Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
  • Programme Courses:

The whole programme has ten courses, one for each level, from Beginner to Early Advanced. Every course is 54 hours spread over 3 months. Students can join the programme at any level provided they meet the entry requirements of that level.

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