Core English Programme

The Core English Programme is for working adults and students who want to raise their English language competency to a high level to boost their career or prepare for studies in international programmes that are taught in English. A beginner can reach iCan’s Intermediate Level (equivalent to IELTS 6.5) after 24-32 months, and function effectively in English.

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1. Programme features:

Competency-based – We focus on developing specific competencies in 4 key language skills – Listening, Reading, Speaking and Writing

Integrated – Grammar and Vocabulary are integrated into the learning of the 4 key language skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing

Current – Listening, reading, speaking and writing activities will be based on contemporary issues and current affairs taken from the media, the internet and our own texts

Concentrated – Students are exposed to extended interaction with native speaker teachers in class and at English Corner. These teachers closely supervise students’ learning to help them use English correctly.

Enriching – A wide variety of interactive learning – movie nights, interactive games, role play, dialogues, discussions and the free use of the school’s computers etc make English learning a rich experience

Self-directed – Our special website eTeSL, iCan’s web-based window to the world’s best English language learning and practice resources, is available to all iCan students to use for further self-study.

2. Graduates of the Programme Will Be Able To

Master 4 key English skills – Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.

Be able to identify specific English language abilities and know whether they have learned them.

Have confidence communicating with native English speakers.

Function effectively at work or in school.

Use English fluently and naturally as a habit.

Master specific English consonants and vowels that Vietnamese find difficult through focused supervision from teachers.

Learn how to use English for life and work such as writing email and letters, conversing for social and business interactions, handling interviews etc.

Attain an IELTS score of 6.5 after 24-32 months.

Study in a school or university that uses English for teaching and learning.

3. Programme Information

  • Schedule: Monday to Saturday
  • Programme Courses :
    The whole programme has ten courses, one for each level, from Beginner to Early Advanced. Every course is 48 hours – 54 hours, depending on whether the Basic Course (12 hours/month x 4) or Premium Course (18 hours/month x 3) is chosen. Students can join the programme at any level provided they meet the entry requirements of that level.

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